Taper Locking Bush 50mm Bore



Taper lock bush suitable for pulleys and sprockets

Taper bushes are the most convenient and cost effective method of fixing components to a mating shaft without using any special tools. Taper bushes are pre-machined with the required bore & keyway size and are supplied complete with locking set screws, thus making savings in time and cost on any machining process.

Bore dia: 50mm
Keyway width: 14mm
Keyway depth: 3.8mm
Shallow keyway depth: –

Screw tightening torque (Nm): 30
Screw size (BSW): 7/16 inch, hex, socket size: 6mm

Large end dia: 70.0mm
Bush length: 31.8mm

Mass: 0.7kg

To Install:
1. Clean shaft, bore and outside of bush, and bore of hub. Remove any oil, laquer or dirt, Place bush in hub and match half holes to make complete holes (each complete hole will be threaded on one side only).
2. Lightly oil thread and point of set screws, or thread and under head of cap screws. Place screws loosely in holes that are threaded on hub side.
3. Make sure bush is free in hub. slip assembly onto shaft and locate in the desired position.
4. Tighten screws alternately and evenly until all are pulled up tightly
5. Hammer against large end of bush using hammer and block or sleeve to avoid damage. Screws can now be turned a little more to the specified torque setting. repeat this alternate hammering and screw re-tightening until the specified torque is reached. Fill all holes with grease to exclude dirt.

To Remove:
1. Remove all screws. Lightly oil thread and point of set screws, or thread and under head of cap screws.
2. Insert screws into removed holes that are threaded on the bush side. In sizes where washers are found under screw heads, be sure to use the washers.
3. Tighten screws alternately until bush is loosened in the hub and then remove the complete assembly. If bush does not loosen immediately, tap on hub.

SKU 61525000
d [mm] 50
D [mm] 65
D1 [mm] 83
L [mm] 76
L1 [mm] 53
L2 [mm] 82
Transmissible Torque T [Nm] 1900
Transmissible Axial Force Fax [kN] 76,0
PW [N/mm²] 90
PN [N/mm²] 70
Bolts DIN 912 No. of [pcs] 6
Size M 6
M No. [Nm] 13
Weight [kg] 0,86
Weight 0.94 kg
Dimensions 83 × 83 × 78 cm
Material Steel
Type MSD
Design (shape) With flange, hydraulic
Self-centering Yes
Surface Blank
Inner diameter [mm] 50
Outer diameter [mm] 65
Length [mm] 76
Transmissible torque [Nm] 1900
Admissibile axial force [kN] 76
shaft surface pressure [N/mm2] 90
hub surface pressure [N/mm2] 70
No. of bolts (pcs) 6
Thread size M 6
Weight [kg] 0.86
Inch / Metric Metric