taper bore                                      bushing

The tapered bore bushing is a split bushing specially designed to withstand high torque capacity applications. In addition to the keyway, it also locks the shaft with a set screw. The split type, flangeless design and narrow wheels create a small load center, further increasing their torque capacity.

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The arrangement of threaded half holes and longitudinal split in the tapered bush is designed to ensure maximum grip and fast, easy fixing.

Taper Bore Bushing

The tapered bore bushing is a split bushing designed to withstand high torque capacity applications

Taper Lock Bushing

It has the advantages of high standardization, high precision, compact structure, convenient installation and disassembly, etc.

Split Taper Bushing

Split taper bushing mount sheaves and sprockets on shafts and are built to withstand torque generated in power transmission. 

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SSJ Transmissions is a professional manufacturer of machinery parts. The main products are belt pulleys, cone sleeves, couplings and other transmission parts. The products are mainly exported to Germany, Britain, France and other European countries.

taper bore bushings

taper bore bushings are most commonly used in waste water, food production, abrasives, and any high-strength bushings that require corrosion resistance. Most of our tapered bore bushings are made in the United States of high-quality stainless steel. Each bushing manufactured has undergone strict quality control inspections to confirm uniformity and accuracy. In addition to tapered bushings, we also have a full range of stainless steel sprockets, chains, bearings, mesh belts, gear boxes, etc.

Installation Steps

"Clean the shaft, hole, outside of the bushing and hub hole. Remove any oil, paint or dirt. Place the bushing in the hub and match the half holes to make a complete hole (each complete hole will only be threaded on one side)."

– First step

"Put the screw loosely into the threaded hole on the side of the hub under the oil thread and set screw or under the head of the thread and nut. Make sure that the bushing is free in the hub, slide the assembly onto the shaft and position it in the desired position."

– Second step

"Tighten the screws alternately and evenly until all of them are tight. Use a tube on the wrench to increase leverage. If the key is stalled, place it in the shaft keyway before installing the tapered bore bushing."

– third step

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