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Item Description


The plug gap integral rock rod is extensively used in stone pit discipline to drill little holes (13mm -23mm) for Y6, Y10 handheld pneumatic rock drills or G10 G15 pneumatic splitter, and hand splitter aslo . Because of the integration of the rods and bits, the rock rod can be matched straight with rock drills with no shank adapter or coupling sleeve, these rewards keep away from the wastage of vitality, and boost the drilling efficiency remarkably. 

(1)Steel quality: 95CrMo equivalent to SANDBAR twenty or C253, 55SiMnMo 
(2)Shanksize:hex. 19x 108mm, hex.22mm×108mm,
(3)Head Diameter: 13-23mm 
(5)Package: in picket circumstance or in bundles 

Rock drilling equipment,Rock Tools contain drill bit,drill rods and other add-ons,Drill rods is to transfer percussive affect CZPT from rock drill drifter hammer to drill bits,then crushing rock for drilling blasting 

Bore hole,Drill rod size decise depth of drill gap,and bit diameter choose gap dimension accordingly.Normally for little hole,integral drill steel,tapered drill rods,shank rods are employed, for CZPT gap of drifting and tunneling, bench and production drilling,underground,thread drill rods,M-F(male-female) rods,extension rods,drifter rod, hollow drill steels, shoulder drive drilling is a must, 

About items:

 1.Integral drill steels (Integral Drill Rods) 

Shank H22x108mm,H19x108mm,regular hex.Bit diameters include 20-42mm. 

 2.Tapered drilling tools (Tapered Drill Steel) 

Shank H22x 108mm,(6,7,11,twelve diploma taper) taper rods in most lengths.

 3.Thread extension MF drill rods are created with round sections in all typical thread designs,and in Male/Feminine (M/F) connections.

All of CZPT extension drill rods are warmth-treated with carburization or large frequency,Mixed with phonemic.  Thread rod to match under little bit.

  Button bit,encounter design: Flat face,Fall centre,Typical and Retrac body.

  Tungsten carbide (Buttons): Spherical,Ballistic and Conical.(Threaded R32,R38,T38,T45,T51bit diameter: 45mm-127mm)

 4.Shank Rod,shank is 22 x 108mm, and drill rod end link little bit with thread way.Typically R22,R25,R32 for small gap.
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Specification :  19 *108 shank dimension for hexagonal bushing 

Shank dimension Length in mm Diameter in mm Part number
19×108 two hundred seventeen 0721 2017-twenty
19×108 250 17 0721 2517-twenty
19×108 three hundred 17 0721 3017-twenty
19×108 two hundred twenty 0721 2571-20
19×108 250 twenty 0721 2520-twenty
19×108 three hundred 20 0721 3571-20
19×108 two hundred 23 0721 2571-twenty
19×108 250 23 0721 2523-twenty
19×108 360 23 0721 3571-20


Shank measurement Duration in mm Diameter in mm Portion amount
22×108 200 17 571 2017-20
22×108 250 seventeen 571 2517-20
22×108 300 17 571 3017-twenty
22×108 two hundred 20 571 2571-20
22×108 250 20 571 2520-20
22×108 300 twenty 571 3571-twenty
22×108 200 23 571 2571-20
22×108 250 23 571 2523-20
22×108 360 23 571 3571-20


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