china supplier Multi Groove Belt Pulley manufacturers

Product Description

We can provide multi groove belt pulley in substantial top quality and competitive price tag


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V belt pulley specs:

one) CZPT pean requirements:     a) V-belt pulley for taper bushing: SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC up to 10 grooves    b) Adjustable velocity V-belt pulley and variable velocity pulleys    c) Flat belt pulley and conveyor belt pulleys

2) CZPT ican standard:    a) Sheave for taper bushing: 3V, 5V, 8V     b) Sheaves for QD bushing: 3V, 5V, 8V    c) Sheaves for break up taper bushing: 3V, 5V, 8V    d) Sheave for 3L, 4L or A, and 5L or B belts: AK, AKH, 2AK, 2AKH, BK, BKH,2BK, 2BKH, 3BK    e) Adjustable sheave: poly V-pulley, multi-pitch H, L, J, K and M

three) Bore: pilot bore, complete bore, taper bore, bore for QD bushing

four) Surface complete: paint, phosphate, zinc plate

5) Material: solid iron, ductile iron, nylon, aluminum

6) Made in accordance to drawings and/or samples,OEM inquiries welcomed

Gearboxes go by many different names, including gear drives, speed reducers, gear reducers, pace reducers, and gear motors. All phrases are used interchangeably when referring to inline equipment reducers. Our stock includes a vast selection of equipment reducers for substantial speed, high precision programs with enter speeds up to 4000 RPM.
china supplier Multi Groove Belt Pulley manufacturers