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GAOYUAN Or CZPT Pillow Block CZPT (UCP305)

Pillow block bearing is a variant from deep groove ball bearing in fact,is characterized by its outer diameter area of the sphere, can be blended with a bearing block corresponding concave spherical bearing self-aligning within the position perform. 

Although its standard overall performance with the deep groove ball bearings should be equivalent, but since most of the bearings used in the tough machinery, the set up place is not specific ample, shaft and housing bore axis of the CZPT variation, or the CZPT axis of the deflection and huge cases, and the precision of the bearing itself is not substantial ample, some composition is relatively coarse, so functionality is exact same as the actual overall performance specs deep groove ball bearings play on a appreciable price reduction. For illustration: with the top wire of the outer spherical ball bearings utilized by way of the large stiffness variation deflection shaft, the bearings on both sides with a ring, to limited to avoid filth intrusion, the manufacturing facility had stuffed the correct quantity of lubricant prior to set up with no cleansing, No additional lubricant, the bearing internal ring on the prime of the wire protruding finish of screw CZPT ening on the shaft. Permissible axial load shall not exceed dynamic load rating of 20%. 

With the eccentric sleeve and the outer spherical ball bearings with spherical bearing silk leading efficiency is basically the exact same, but not in the leading wire on the interior ring, but in the eccentric sleeve. Tapered bore spherical ball bearings with 1:12 taper bore of conical holes, can be mounted right on the tapered shaft, or with the adapter put in in the shaft bushing on the shoulder axis, and can wonderful-tune the bearing clearance. 

Spherical CZPT s precedence for purposes that require easy products and spare components exactly where, for illustration, agricultural machinery, developing transportation programs or machinery. 

Mainly utilised to bear radial load mostly radial and axial joint load, typically should not on your own bear the axial masses, this sort of bearings can be set up inner ring (with the complete team of roller and cage) and the outer ring. This sort of bearing does not allow a tilt axis relative to housing, the radial load at the next appointment will produce further axial pressure. This variety of bearing axial clearance of the measurement of the bearing can function in it when the axial clearance is way too tiny, the larger temperature axial clearance is large, effortless to injury the bearing. Therefore, in the installation and operation must pay out unique interest to change the bearing axial clearance, if needed, can be preloaded when put in, to increase the bearing stiffness. 

Spherical bearings which includes varieties :

Spherical bearings 
Such bearings are also designed with a certain tone coronary heart and head, simple to put in, has a dual framework of the sealing unit that can work in harsh environments. Bearing forged molding is typically utilised. Common block has vertical seat (P), a square block (F), Manager Tower Sq. (FS), Manager circular seat (FC), diamond-shaped seat (FL), seat ring (C), the slider block, and so on. ( T). 

Spherical bearings are roller bearing and the bearing of a bearing unit jointly. Most spherical bearings are made of the diameter sphere, and with a ball bearing mounted inside the hole collectively, structural diversity, flexibility and interchangeability. 

In the meantime, also in the layout of these bearings has a concentric tone, simple to install, has a twin construction of the sealing unit that can work in harsh environments. Bearing solid molding is generally utilised. Common block has vertical seat (P), a sq. block (F), Boss Tower Sq. (FS), Boss round seat (FC), diamond-shaped seat (FL), seat ring (C), the slider block, etc. ( T). 

Spherical bearings into the bearing heart and housing, based mostly on the name for bearing with bearing seat phone centre, such as set screws with spherical bearings UC205 with Vertical Block explained UCP205.Spherical bearings as hugely interchangeable, bearing in head the exact same specifications can be freely assembled bearing in distinct shapes. 

With vertical Spherical ball bearings 
Spherical bearing with square 
With ball bearings Spherical diamond 
Block with a manager spherical spherical ball bearings 
Block with a spherical ball bearing ring 
Block with a spherical ball bearing slide 
Block with a suspended spherical ball bearings 
Block with hanging spherical ball bearings 
Diamond-shaped seat with adjustable spherical ball bearings 
With stamping Spherical ball bearings 
With other outer spherical ball bearing seat 

Spherical CZPT disassembly :
390 000 sequence, spherical bearing is eccentric to the bearing inner ring and shaft, place the eccentric socket head cap screw from tightening effect. In upkeep, a lot of machines will not be dismantling the bearing hand, it is necessary to introduce the spherical bearing disassembly 390,000 series of technological concerns and issues: 

Disassembly :

1. First with a hex wrench to loosen the locking screw bearing eccentric sleeve, and eccentric with a small iron bar into the roof place on the sink hole, heading from the axis of rotation to perform unfastened eccentric sleeve. 

2. Loosen the mounted bearing bolts. Together with the bearing from the shaft bearing eliminated. Note that the demolition of a single stop of the bearing ahead of the shaft. Should be the other aspect of the bearing shaft bolts loose, so as not to each other at the two ends of the bearing energy and hurt. 

Set up :

one. Bearing to the shaft just before putting in, you have to first get rid of the set pin bearing jacket, whilst the journal surface area polished easy thoroughly clean, oiled and rust in the journal office and lubrication (bearings in the shaft to let a slight rotation). 

2. Bearing in the bearing with the prime coat with oil, the bearing into the bearing seat. Then assembled with the bearing and the bearing sleeve on the shaft. Pushed to the preferred place for installation. 

3. Fixed bearing, do not tighten the bolts, enable the jacket bearing can rotate within the bearing.Also put in the other conclude with a shaft bearing and seat, the axis of rotation a couple of instances, so that the bearing alone immediately locate the location is. Then tighten the bolts a very good bearing. 

four. Loaded eccentric. Condom at very first eccentric eccentric sleeve bearing on the actions and alongside the axis of rotation by hand tighten. Then insert a small iron bar or put on the sink hole to stand up to eccentric. Hand-hammer percussion alongside the axis of rotation of little iron bar. The eccentric sleeve is securely mounted, and finally set the locking eccentric socket head cap screw. 

Programs : 
Transmission system, Agricultural machinery , Pumps , CZPT  , Marine Textile machinery, Printing Machinery Automotive applications .

Specification :

Unit No.

Dimensions mm in. load rate N Bodyweight
  d D B Dynamic Static (kg)
UC305 twenty five 62 38 22400 11500 .35
UC305-13 thirteen/sixteen two.4409 1.4961 22400 11500 .4
UC305-14 7/eight 2.4409 one.4961 22400 11500 .38
UC305-15 15/sixteen two.4409 one.4961 22400 11500 .36
UC305-16 one two.4409 1.4961 22400 11500 .35
UC306 thirty seventy two 43 26700 15000 .56
UC306-17 one/16 2.8346 1 .6929 26700 15000 .61
UC306-eighteen one-1/8 two.8346 1 .6929 26700 15000 .fifty eight
UC306-19 1-3/sixteen 2.8346 1 .6929 26700 15000 .fifty six
UC307 35 80 forty eight 33500 19100 .71
UC307-twenty 1-1/four 3.1496 one.8898 33500 19100 .77
UC307-21 one-5/sixteen three.1496 one.8898 33500 19100 .seventy four
UC307-22 one-3/eight 3.1496 one.8898 33500 19100 .71
UC307-23 1-7/16 three.1496 1.8898 33500 19100 .68
UC308 40 90 52 40500 24000 .ninety six
UC308-24 one-1/2 3.5433 two.571 40500 24000 one.01
UC308-25 one-9/16 three.5433 2.571 40500 24000 .97
UC309 forty five one hundred fifty seven 52800 31800 1.28
UC309-26 one-5/eight three.937 two.2441 52800 31800 one.39
UC309-27 1-11/sixteen three.937 2.2441 52800 31800 one.35
UC309-28 one-3/4 three.937 2.2441 52800 31800 1.3
UC310 fifty a hundred and ten 61 61800 37900 1.sixty five
UC310-29 one-thirteen/16 four.3307 two.4016 61800 37900 1.ninety seven
UC310-thirty one-7/8 four.3307 2.4016 61800 37900 one.74
UC310-31 one-fifteen/sixteen four.3307 two.4016 61800 37900 one.68
UC311 55 a hundred and twenty 66 71500 44700 two.07
UC311-32 two four.7244 two.5984 71500 44700 two.twenty five
UC311-33 two-1/sixteen four.7244 2.5984 71500 44700 two.18
UC311-34 two-1/eight four.7244 two.5984 71500 44700 two.twelve
UC311-35 2-3/sixteen four.7244 2.5984 71500 44700 two.04
UC312 60 130 seventy one 81700 51800 two.6
UC312-36 2-1/four five.1181 two.7953 81700 51800 two.75
UC312-37 two-5/16 5.1181 2.7953 81700 51800 2.67
UC312-38 2-3/8 five.1181 two.7953 81700 51800 2.fifty eight
UC312-39 two-7/16 5.1181 2.7953 81700 51800 2.five
UC313 65 140 seventy five 92500 60000 three.25
UC313-forty 2-1/2 five.5118 2.9528 92500 60000 3.34
UC313-forty one two-9/16 5.5118 2.9528 92500 60000 3.24
UC314 70 one hundred fifty seventy eight 104500 68000 three.89
UC314-forty two 2-5/eight five.9055 3.0708 104500 68000 4.11
UC314-43 two-eleven/16 five.9055 three.0708 104500 68000 4
UC314-44 two-3/four 5.9055 3.0708 104500 68000 three.9
UC315 75 a hundred and sixty eighty two 113000 77000 4.seventy two
UC315-forty five 2-13/sixteen six.2992 3.2283 113000 77000 4.99
UC315-forty six two-7/eight 6.2992 three.2283 113000 77000 four.85
UC315-forty seven 2-fifteen/16 six.2992 three.2283 113000 77000 four.76
UC315-forty eight three six.2992 3.2283 113000 77000 four.sixty three
UC316 eighty a hundred and seventy 86 123000 86500 five.fifty five
UC316-49 3-1/16 6.6929 3.3858 123000 86500 five.72
UC316-fifty 3-1/eight 6.6929 three.3858 123000 86500 five.58
UC316-fifty one 3-3/sixteen six.6929 3.3858 123000 86500 five.49
UC317 eighty five one hundred eighty 96 132600 96500 6.67
UC317-fifty two 3-1/four 7.0866 three.7795 132600 96500 six.89
UC317-fifty three 3-5/16 seven.0866 3.7795 132600 96500 6.76
UC317-55 3-7/16 7.0866 three.7795 132600 96500 six.44
UC31S 90 one hundred ninety ninety six 144000 108000 7.fifty six
UC318-55 three-7/16 seven.4803 three.7795 144000 108000 seven.eighty five
UC318-56 three-1/two seven.4803 3.7795 144000 108000 7.67
UC319 ninety five two hundred 103 156600 122000
UC319-58 three-5/8 7.874 four.571 156600 122000 nine.03
UC319-fifty nine three-eleven/sixteen seven.874 four.571 156600 122000 8.eighty five
UC319-sixty three-3/4 seven.874 four.571 156600 122000 eight.sixty six
UC320 a hundred 215 108 17300 141000 eleven.two
UC320-sixty four 4 8.4646 four.252 17300 141000 11
UC322 one hundred ten 240 9.4488 117 4.6063 205000 179000
UC324 one hundred twenty 260 10.2362 126 4.9606 227000 207000 19
UC326 a hundred thirty 280 11.5716 135 5.3150 253000 241000 23.six
UC328 a hundred and forty 300 11.810 145 5.7087 274000 272000 29.4


Bearing Dimensions mm inch Load Rating Weight
No. (KN)
  Dynamic Static Kg
  d D B C S S1 G ds F Cr Cor   
UC201 12 47 31 17 twelve.7 eighteen.3 4.8 M6× 1×0.75 12800 6650 .2
UC202 fifteen 47 31 seventeen eighteen.three four.8 M6× 1×0.seventy five three.7 .19
UC203 17 forty seven 31 seventeen twelve.7 18.3 4.eight M6× 1×0.75 .18
UC204 20 forty seven 31 17 12.7 eighteen.three 4.eight M6× 1×0.seventy five four 12800 6650 .sixteen
UC205 25 52 34.1 seventeen 14.3 19.eight five M6× 1×0.seventy five four 14000 7850 .two
UC206 thirty 62 19 15.9 22.two five M6× 1×0.seventy five five 19500 11300 .32
UC207 35 72 42.9 20 17.5 25.four seven M8× 1 five.5 25700 15300 .48
UC208 forty 80 49.two 21 19 thirty.2 eight M8× one six 29500 18100 .sixty four
UC209 45 85 forty nine.2 22 19 30.two 8 M8× 1


Under is a checklist of our at the moment accessible industrial gearboxes. If you are not able to find what you are seeking for, please get in touch with the manufacturing unit for more alternatives. At EP, we are consistently creating new goods and retrofitting outdated types to satisfy client requirements.
china near me Gaoyuan or OEM Pillow Block Bearing (UCP305) manufacturers