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Merchandise Description

SPB Cast Iron V Pulley
Large Responsibility Massive V Pulley &commaV pulley&comma V belt pulley&comma V groove pulley&comma V groove belt pulley&comma taper lock pulley&comma taper lock V belt pulley&comma taper lock bushing pulley&comma taper lock pulleys &sol taper bore pulley&comma huge V belt pulley&comma double V belt pulley&comma solid iron V belt pulley belt pulley&comma variable speed V belt pulleys&comma V belt pulley split pulley&comma forged iron V belt pulley
V belt pulley requirements&colon
1&rpar CZPT pean standard&colon
A&rpar V-belt pulleys for taper bushings&colon SPZ&comma SPA&comma SPB&comma SPC&semi Up to ten grooves
B&rpar Adjustable speed V-belt pulleys and variable pace pulleys
C&rpar Flat belt pulleys and conveyor belt pulleys
two&rpar CZPT ican regular&colon
A&rpar Sheaves for taper bushings&colon 3V&comma 5V&comma 8V
B&rpar Sheaves for QD bushings&colon 3V&comma 5V&comma 8V
C&rpar Sheaves for split taper bushings&colon 3V&comma 5V&comma 8V
D&rpar Sheaves for 3L&comma 4L or A&comma and 5L or B belts&colon AK&comma AKH&comma 2AK&comma 2AKH&comma BK&comma BKH&comma 2BK&comma 2BKH&comma 3BK
E&rpar Adjustable sheaves&colon CZPT V-pulley&comma multi-pitch H&comma L&comma J&comma K and M
3&rpar Bore&colon Pilot bore&comma completed bore&comma taper bore&comma bore for QD bushing
4&rpar Floor end&colon Paint&comma phosphating&comma zinc plated
five&rpar Content&colon Cast iron&comma ductile iron&comma nylon&comma aluminum
six&rpar Created according to drawings and&solor samples&comma CZPT inquiries welcomed


1 Made of outstanding cast iron&semi Pulley kind&colon V Pulley&semi
two Excellent hardness and toughness&time period Anticorrosive functionality&semi
3 SPA&comma SPB&comma SPC&comma SPZ&comma AK&comma AKH&comma 2AK&comma 2AKH&comma BK&comma BKH&comma2BK&comma 2BKH&comma 3BK and CZPT -normal sequence&semi
four All the merchandise would be carried out by precise machining and CZPT portray to get clean surface&semi
five Each merchandise would be examined repeatedly and cautiously before the shipment&semi
6 Risk-free deal to protect items in the course of the shipment&semi
1 The sturdy technological innovation team as effectively as the CZPT d equipment&semi
2 Far more than 20 a long time encounter&semi
3 The Goods have got good comments in the globe market place&semi
four OEM service and unique design and style services be approved&semi
five ISO9001-2000 Accredited&interval

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china manufacturer  manufacturer  wholesaler Spb Cast Iron V Pulley manufacturers