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Solution Description

Attributes AT A Look

Weighty Obligation Lathe CZPT
Our variety of light-weight duty lathe machines in manufactured from quality-tested raw content. Identified for its good quality, toughness, corrosion resistance and other folks, these finds purposes in CZPT automobile, electrical industries. We also satisfy CZPT ized requirement for CZPT customers reward.

Mattress in manufactured from twenty five quality solid iron and the mattress ways are flame hardened up to 400BHN and grinding is carried out to meet up with the accuracy needed. Mattress casting are tough machined prior to currently being hardened & precision ground. The bed is seriously net mattress and cross dependent to avert any deflection. The inverted “V” kind slide methods are meant to retain accurate journey of the carriage and tail stock. It is strictly inspected with micro amounts, hardness tester and straight edge.

Unexciting of headstock is completed specifically on boring equipment and equipped with hardened and ground spindle created from alloy stell. The head inventory is cone pulley type and the principal spindle runs in exact taper roller bearings. Back again equipment is equipped beneath the primary spindle and it can be engaged or disengaged by indicates of a lever. 8 spindle speeds are obtained in machines of light obligation.

Saddle is mounted on invented “v” type and flat approaches of the bed obtaining CZPT bearing surface area of steadiness. The saddle carries a cross slide and the compound slide. The compound slide is pivoted on the pross slide with a graduated swivel base and will swivel to any angle.

Apron is absolutely enclosed oil bathtub method with lever variety arrangement for automated feeds.

Floor, tailstocks and compound screws are fitted with gun metallic nuts, additionally gun steel bushing are utilized exactly where at any time required.

Tail stock has CZPT bearing on bed and foundation is adjustable. It is equipped with hardened and gound spindle and with rapid locking gadget. The spindle is bore to morse taper no.3 in gentle responsibility.

All graduated dial are manufactured of gun metallic.


The equipment is primarily suitable for slicing the workpiece within and outside round cylindrical, cone and other rotating areas, machinable CZPT generally used metric, inch, module and diametral pitch thread, and broaching oil groove and keyway.The device has the following functions:


1. The lathe mattress by integrally solid lathe bed structure, inside metal board layout is realistic, has substantial rigidity, device adopts the 250 casting iron, products with higher frequency quenching, manual rail mill grinding method, secure equipment tools with substantial precision, large rigidity, sturdy slicing.

 2. Sliding box has a CZPT relocating structure, solitary deal with visualization operationSpindle and reversing change to the brake and the consumer can choose the hydraulic handle or guide handle equipment.

 3. The equipment tool relaxation with one motor turning cylinder, you can also use the resource rest and CZPT itudinal feed turning cone length.The device it is appropriate for large and medium-sized of steel and CZPT -ferrous metallic areas processing, can be cylindrical turning, interior hole, confront chopping, drilling, unexciting and nesting.

 4. The machine device CZPT , sturdy rigidity, spindle speed selection is broad, suitable for strong or large speed slicing.Of spindle brake and change to the hydraulic control, CZPT tive and trustworthy braking CZPT button without having a quit conversion velocity, the compelled lubrication with force oil in the cupboard of the head of a mattress, spindle speed selection has several sorts, for person to pick from. 

 5. Has security structure in the sliding box, which can stop harm of lathe due to overload.

Item Requirements





Max.swing above bed



Max.swing above carriage



*Max swing over hole (optional)



*Effective duration of hole (optional)


Width of mattress


Max.duration of workpiece

a thousand/ 1500/ 2000/ 3000/ 4000m

Max.turning duration

650/ 1150/ 1650/ 2650/ 3650mm

Max. excess weight of workpiece



Spindle nose


Spindle bore


Taper bore of spindle

Metric Ф120 1:twenty

Steps of spindle pace


Range of spindle pace



Quantity of CZPT itudinal feeds

sixty four

Range of CZPT itudinal feeds (1:1)


Range of CZPT itudinal feeds (16:1)


Variety of cross feeds


Range of cross feeds

Fifty percent of CZPT itudinal feeds

Speedy Journey





THREAD Variety/ Number

Metric pitch threads

1~240mm/ fifty

Whit-really worth threads

fourteen~1TPI/ 26

Module threads

.5~120M.P/ 53


28~1D.P/ 24


Taper bore



External diameter


Other people

Pitch of CZPT itudinal ball screw/diameter

12mm/ Ф55mm

Vertical length from spindle center to setting up basis


Measurement of device shank


Max vacation of cross slide



Swing angle of tool post


Max.vacation of top slide


Principal motor CZPT


Fast feed motor CZPT


Coolant pump CZPT


Internet fat






Underneath is a record of our at the moment offered industrial gearboxes. If you cannot discover what you are seeking for, you should make contact with the factory for far more choices. At EP, we are continuously creating new goods and retrofitting aged kinds to meet up with customer demands.
china manufacturer  manufacturer  price Heavy Duty Multifunction Metal Manual Bench Lathe Machine manufacturers