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Merchandise Description

CZPT Taper Lock Bush

The Taper Lock bush is a locking mechanism commonly used in CZPT Transmission CZPT s for locating pulleys, sprockets,  and couplings to shafts. The Taper Lock bush is pre-bored and keyed to match the needed shaft and keyway diameters. The outside the house of the bush is tapered to match the component bore that is to be situated on the shaft.
Ubet Taper bushes is manufactured from precision forged iron or carbon metal C45 with higher good quality end.  They are broadly utilized to match into Sheaves, CZPT s,  Pins, V-belt Pulleys and Timing Pulleys.
Characteristics : 
·         No need for re machining.
·         No corrosion amongst bore and shaft.
·         Effortless-On/Simple-Off
·         Substance in Steel and forged iron are CZPT
Varieties of Taper Bushings are CZPT :
·         ANSI Split Taper Bushings
·         ANSI Taper Bore Bushings
·         ANSI QD Bushings
1008, 1108, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517, 2525, 3571, 3030, 3535, 4040, 4545, 5050


These compact, lightweight, low backlash inline equipment reducers have been initially made for encoder apps. They are also ideal for several other drive systems. Encoder gear reducers have a very lower moment of inertia at the shaft enter and are rated for input speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two body sizes are obtainable with equipment ratios from 4.96:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are obtainable from stock.
china factory Carbon Steel V Belt Pulley Taper Lock Bush manufacturers