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Solution Description

CZPT CZPT ry specializes in CZPT transmission components.

1.   Keyless Locking Devices
two.   Keyless Bushings
3.   Timing Belt Pulleys
four.   Jaw CZPT s
five.   Rigid Shaft CZPT s
6.   Nylon Sleeve CZPT s
seven.   Taper (Lock) Bush
8.   Shaft Collars Correcting Collars
nine.   Spur Gears and other components
10.  Torque Limiters
eleven.  Mechanical Components CZPT

·         Ubet Keyless Locking Gadgets are utilised in rotating equipment,  producing clamping stress amongst surface of locking unit and shaft to produce adjustable and releasable mechanical link,  so as to clamp gears,  pulleys and other components to a shaft without threads or keys.
Materials of CZPT Locking Unit are CZPT in:
Carbon Metal S45C, C45E, 1045, 40Cr, 42CrMo4V  
Stainless Metal AISI431, AISI304
·         Ubet CZPT ry Timing Belt Pulleys and Toothed Bars/ Timing Bars . 
Normal and CZPT -common pulleys in accordance to drawings are CZPT . 
Resources of CZPT Timing Belt Pulleys are CZPT in:
AlCuMgPb 6061 6082 CZPT Timing Pulley
C45E 1045 S45C Carbon Steel Timing Pulley
GG25 HT250 Solid Iron Timing Pulley
SUS303 SUS304 AISI431 CZPT Steel Timing Pulley
Other material on desire, this sort of as cooper, bronze and plastic
·         Ubet Jaw couplings are developed as a few piece mixture,  such as two hubs and 1 elastomer created of polyurethane.  The curved jaw fits on to the spider,  which minimizes shock to the motor and other CZPT tive equipment.
Substance: Alluminum for measurement underneath 42
                      Steel for dimension above forty two
Complete: CZPT or Anodizing
Dimensions Assortment: 19 to seventy five
Completed bore: according to ISO in shape H7
Keyway width: in accordance to DIN 6885/1
The Tolerance of keyway is Js9

Approach Equipment Precision Diploma Machining variety
Blank Producing Resin bonded sand generation lineVertical parting flaskless molding line,146 opening production lineElectric furnace CZPT cupola Guillotine shear,Punching machine Forge rolling equipment CZPT die forging device precision solid precision forging precision molding All sorts of casting and forging parts
Heat Therapy Vertical furnace Speckled furnaceHigh frequency quenching furnace Content hardness transformation≤HRC1 Hardening and Tempering Quenching CZPT frequency quenching Carburizing and quenching
Machining Exact NC machine Dimesion tolerance 6 diploma Roughness Ra0.8 Roundness,straightness and concentricity accuracy≤0.01mm inner hole≥5mm, outside the house diameter ≤800mm
Grinding machining NC excircle grinding machine Area grinding device Dimesion precision 5 degree Roughness Ra0.four Outside diameter 3mm to 320mm
Tooth-profile Making NC gear hobbing maching equipment slotting machine Roughness Ra1.6 Concentricity .05 Maximum module M=ten, OD≤1800mm
Hobbing and drilling CNC machinedrilling machineNC milling device Hole dimesion tolerance 6 degree positioning precision .05 Workbench leghth 1650mm width 852mm bare minimum diameter 1mm
Other Machining Hydraulic broaching device sawing device punching device lather labeling equipment keyway tolerance 7 diploma symmetry diploma .05 spline straight keyway spline keyway
Floor Therapy sharpening equipment plating generation line spray-portray linecoating lineoxidizing line phosphating line In accordance with CZPT pean common RoHS. Area sprucing Cr6+cost-free zinc plating,Nickle hard chromium Attractive chrome platingNicklePaiting phosphating AnodizingblackeningDacrotized

Planetary gearboxes are utilized in a variety of instances in which high performance and high reduction ratio are necessary in a tiny place. Featuring substantial precision and large torque-to-quantity ratio, it is perfect for torque improve, deceleration, exact positioning and management of regenerative equipment. To make sure that the picked planetary gearbox is the very best match for your application, it is critical to contemplate parameters such as torque, backlash and equipment ratios when picking a planetary gearbox.
china Cheap Special Steel Parts -Anchor manufacturers